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Hawk Carts are produced using strict Quality Control Measures that are recognized internationally with ISO2001 Certification.

Each vehicle is 100% tested with IQC, PQC & QA Procedures used to test materials, check products on the assembly line & to evaluate the finished vehicle. All vehicles are also tested on a purpose built testing track which includes varying inclines and declines as well as various terrains to ensure the standards for braking, waterproofing and shockproofing are met.

Throughout the manufacturing process all vehicles are subjected to vigorous testing such as rear axle, braking drum, battery charge and discharge along with integrated testing of the front and rear suspension and precision measurements of the gearing system.



Integrated testing machine for front suspension

  • Inspects alignment
  • Inspects symmetry of both the spindles
  • Assists with decreasing tire abrasion
  • Checks durability



Rear axle assembly simulation testing machine

  • Simulates the operation under various loads
  • Continuous testing carried out for up to 1,000 hours per axle tested
  • Assists in ensuring the smooth operation of the vehicle



Rear Braking Drum Testing Machine

  • Tests the concentricity of the brake drum
  • Ensures precise pararellism
  • Helps assess the abrasion of the braking shoe
  • Checks durability




Testing of carts when they arrive in Australia is carried out on our property and adjacent tracks and roads. The roads having grades of 1 in 5 and tracks with grades of 1 in 3. Checks such as climbing ability, braking, waterproofing & shock resistance are carried out. An 80 point commissioning check is carried out prior to dispatch of the cart from our Menagle premises.

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