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Comments received from some of our customers:

"It is about time I gave you an update of my single seater golf buggy. I have been using your buggy now for over 5 years during that time I have not had any problems and I am still using the original batteries. I have used it on numerous golf courses some being very hilly. I also have the buggy registered as a motorized scooter as I have a disability and I use it to go to the shops. Thanks again for a great product."
Trevor H.

 "18 months after purchase - the cart is fabulous! We love “The Milverton Beast” (as we call it) and couldn’t live without it on our horse property as we both age (65/66 yrs)...I use it every day in all weather. You have always been available to talk to if we had any issues so we have found you customer service excellent."
Vicki R.

 "I've had the cart for nearly a year now. Being on a grassless, dirt course, I was pleased to see how well it handled the dust. Routine maintenance is easy and the batteries are fantastic. Anyone considering a cart, should look a Hawk Cart first up and save time and money."
Gerry B.

 "Having just finished my 3rd x18 holes in the Hawk Cart,i must tell you how happy i am with it.The reason I purchased I have trouble walking even 9 holes. The ride, seating, quietness of motor the automatic braking system, and not having to use a parking brake wow! I would recommend Hawk Cart single seat to any one wanting to have more enjoyment in their golf."
Fred E.

 "I bought a Hawk Cart from Wayne about 12 months ago and have been on it everyday since, I love it I do everything with it cart tools, wood for my fire, my garbage, as I live on 20 acres getting around was hard until I bought my Hawk Cart!"
Sandra N.

 "Am very happy with the Beast, it does everything I need it to do. I recommend this buggy highly, it is easy to use, does everything I need it to do, used daily on all different jobs, tows well, long use between charges, more than competitive on prices, and the customer services are excellent."
Peter B.

 "We have been using our 2WD Beast Cart on our macadamia farm for over 12 months and have declared it our most valuable piece of equipment. We simply could not do without it. It has been totally reliable and a pleasure to drive. It is powerful as well, Never bogs even in the wettest of conditions. It's batteries have never let us down and we easily get a full days work out of them without recharging.We could not be happier with our 2WD BEAST CART and Hawk Carts have been especially helpful both before and after its purchase."
Islay L.

 "I was extremely happy with the cart's performance, it's ability to climb the hills, it has more than enough power to handle the slippery and muddy terrain. I will only be too happy to recommend this cart to anyone. I must admit that I did have some reservations on whether it would handle my golf course but not any more."
Trevor H.

"...I found Hawk Carts and all problems were solved. I could buy a single seat cart at a really affordable price and the ubiquitous six by four trailer is the perfect size for transporting it... The cart has not missed a beat since I bought it and handles steep hills and rough terrain easily... I am a very proud and happy owner of a Hawk Cart and would recommend them to anyone."
John W.

"I have really been enjoying my new golf buggy, which has performed superbly, and it is attracting a lot of attention. Our pro has even given it a name, and wants me to paint the name on the front panel."
Ted H.

"Just thought I would let you know that the golf cart is going great. It's just a pleasure to ride. There's been a lot of interest shown up here by quite a lot of people... I would certainly recommend this cart to anyone."
Mark H.

"The cart has proved comfortable and reliable and tackles quite stiff inclines... certainly makes a round of golf less tiring and more enjoyable. I would not hesitate to recommend your product to anybody in need of some mechanical assistance around eighteen holes."
Peter C.